Tactical container storage in the Port of Antwerp


Since April 2021, CertiWeight has launched a new service for all parties who need to drop-off containers at deep-sea quays in the port of Antwerp: hauliers, freight forwarders and shippers.

Containers can be temporarily stored at the two CertiWeight location in the port of Antwerp:

- CertiWeight Rightbank (Magershoek) on the right bank (18.000 m²) of the river Scheldt

- CertiWeight Leftbank (Geslecht) on the left bank (10.000 m²) of the river Scheldt.




  • Avoid traffic jams at the gates of the deep sea terminals or in the port in general.
  • Deal with the specific container drop-off rules on the terminals (Cargo Opening, YOT,…). 
  • Use the CertiWeight locations as a one-stop-shop for various container services: weighing, tactical storage and last-mile transport.


Last-mile transport

In cooperation with its haulage partners, CertiWeight also offers last-mile-transport to the deep-sea terminals:

  • an ideal solution for foreign hauliers who do not have an own container yard or a partner haulier in the port of Antwerp
  • also for local players a perfect way to optimise their operations.



Since the start of the new services, an extra zone on the site on the right bank was asphalted and the works to asphalt an additional zone are being planned. Furthermore, a new online order request system was launched, which reduces the administrative process on site to a few seconds.

The online order request system gives the requestor a perfect real-time overview of all his shunt orders and containers in storage.
Request your storage or shunt order on our online platform.


In combination with weighing

The temporary storage is always offered in combination with a VGM-weighing, which can be purchased separately on the CertiWeight platform.


Digital billing

CertiWeight is connected to the digital payment and invoicing platform cinvio for the settlement of services.