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Below the link to the Belgian legislation, you also can find a list of the registrated shippers, who are allowed to use method 2 (calculation method)

The new SOLAS legislation stipulates that, as of 1 July 2016, every full container loaded on board an ocean-going vessel must be accompanied by a VGM that details the accurate weight of the container. This to guarantee increased shipping safety.

The shipper is responsible for determining the accurate weight (VGM).
He/she must collate information on the shipping document, sign it, and make it available to the captain and the terminal in time for loading. CertiWeight takes care of the entire process.

The following methods are permitted for the weighing:

  • Method 1a - non-automatic weighing equipment (RD XXXX related to non-automatic weighing instruments)
  • Method 1b - automatic weighing equipment (RD XXXX related to weighing instruments)
  • Method 2 - shipper with certified ISO and/or AEO quality system from which the weight can be calculated via certification and/or administrative research by the DGMT.

Accurate measuring is the required standard.
Enforcement (investigation by the DGMT) is ‘possible’ as of a 5% margin of error.
Criminal sanctions according to the Law of 5 June 1972 - safety of shipping vessels.

The full legal provisions can be found on:


Leden van de werkgroep implementatie van IMO aanpassing SOLAS wegen containers
Regulation 2 - Cargo information
Guidelines regarding the verified gross mass of a container carrying cargo
Hoofdlijn van het wegen van containers