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CertiWeight offers certified weighing (method 1)

There are two ways to weigh your export container to obtain a valid VGM

Method No. 1 (certified)

The container is weighed after stuffing and sealing. In other words, once it’s ready to be loaded onto the vessel. This can be done using a weighing bridge or a reach stacker supported by certified weighing technology.

Method No.2

The cargo, dunnage and container tare are weighed separately. The final weight is then calculated. In this case the responsible for the weighing needs to hold ISO and/or AEO certification.


There are two different prices for weighing and submitting the VGM to the ocean line:


Seamlessly and digitally

At CertiWeight, not only do we have the ability and authority to ensure certified VGM,
we also take the administrative burden off your shoulders:
we take care of submitting the VGM to the ocean line, seamlessly and digitally.