container storage

To support you in your storage capacity challenges CertiWeight offers temporary container storage services for empty and full containers at its locations in the port of Antwerp. NOTE: we cannot store dangerous goods!


VGM weighing

Weigh your container at one of our locations and your eVGM is ready for purchase on our platform in a matter of seconds. Once you purchase, the eVGM will be automatically submitted to the chosen ocean line. 


reefer plug

We plug your operational reefer and monitor the temperature and settings for you!

We also arrange the shunt to quay, if you like!




shunt from/to quay

If you can't drop your export at the quay or you don't want your driver to waste time queuing, let us arrange the transport from one of our locations in the port of Antwerp to the quay. We can also pick up import containers for you.


Our trusted weighing partners

Our certified weighing solution is trusted by the world’s leading ocean lines and used by a network of weighing locations, including inland container terminals and shippers.

Who are we?


CertiWeight is a certified, cloud-based VGM solution for container terminals and shippers with own weighing equipment. On our locations in the port of Antwerp we also offer various logistics solutions.


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