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Procedure for the driver

The driver should proceed as follows at the weighing terminal:

  • He parks his lorry on the parking area of the weighing terminal.
  • He releases the twist-locks.
  • He goes to the registration pillar and enters the following details:
    • Containernumber;
    • Bookingnumber;
    • Shipping company
    • Delivery quay;
    • Seal number;
  • He drives to the weighbridge for the physical weighing.
  • After the weighing he drives off the weighbridge and fastens the twist-locks and can then deliver the container.
Procedure for the purchaser of the weight

This may be the shipper/forwarder/transporter.

  • For the first purchase:
  • What is the procedure for buying weight and sending VGM?
    • Start by entering the container number or the booking reference.
    • Once a weighing for this container number is found successfully, the following details are displayed:
      • Container number
      • Export Booking Reference
      • Weighing location
      • Weighing date and time
      • Price of the weighing

  • ​​Prior to the purchase of the weight certificate, the following details must be verified / checked by the purchaser:
    • Carrier
    • Export booking reference
    • Shipper or representative (company name, address & contact person)
    • Option to enter your own reference number (Client Reference)
    • Acceptance of terms and conditions

  • Then confirm your VGM purchase. Weighing is automatically deducted from your balance. Note: You can always see the balance of your credit account in the bar at the top of your screen.
  • Download and e-mail the VGM certificate.
    • Option to download the certificate (PDF).
    • Option to send the certificate (PDF) to different e-mail addresses with a specific message.
    • Option to print the VGM certificate detail page.
    • The certificate is automatically sent to the carrier via EDI.


  • Immediately after payment from your credit you receive an invoice for the amount paid.
  • Details of the weighing concerning the invoice (container number - price - your reference) can always be requested via the avantida website and can thus be assigned to your file via an Excel file.
VGM document

Here for example: PDF

If I already have a login for Avantida, can I use this for CertiWeight too?

You only have to register with Avantida once, so you can use your login for all applications of Avantida.

General conditions

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Questions and troubleshooting?

Information about VGM-data: +32 3 248 30 05

In case of problems with your purchase of certificats/credits,
contact Avantida support: +32 3 369 05 10