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Guidelines regarding the VGM of a Container


Are you aware that there's only two legal ways to pass a VGM?
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* Method 1, weighing on a calibrated weighbridge, as with CertiWeight.
* Method 2, cargo + tare.
Method 2 should only be used by shippers who are certified! This can be consulted at:

Method 2 can not be applied at trunks, metal scrap, unbagged grain and all other types of cargo in bulk. They do not easily lend themselves to individual weighing of the items to be packed in the container. In such cases, usage of Method No.2 would be inappropriate and impractical, and Method No.1 should be used instead.
Source: GUIDELINES REGARDING THE VERIFIED GROSS MASS OF A CONTAINER CARRYING CARGO file:///C:/Users/X/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/Z4QRC3Y3/MSC_Guidelines_on_Verifying_Weight_June_2014.pdf