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CertiWeight offers a complete solution for industry, shipping companies and terminal operators regarding the latest IMO/SOLAS legislation concerning the weighing of containers.

For containers delivered by rail or delivered by barge, CertiWeight takes care of the communication between the shipper on the one side, and the shipping companies and terminal operators on the other, in such a way that each party can receive the legally required document (Verified Gross Mass or VGM) in a timely manner.

For containers delivered by truck, CertiWeight can also offer a physical weight check at one of the CertiWeight terminals in Antwerp.

CertiWeight manages the entire process, from the weighing of the container to the delivery of the VGM. The client is relieved of the administrative burden, and there are no delays at the terminal. The certified VGMs are archived centrally and the data is reported to the client via the cloud. The weighing certificates/VGMs are retained for as long as is legally required (which has not yet been determined as of this date).