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Terms of use

1. Object of the service provided by CertiWeight

In accordance with the changes to the SOLAS Convention, the shipper-shipper must be from 1
July 2016 a verified gross weight for each maritime container transport upon shipment (VGM) timely report to ship and terminal, without which the container is not on board may be loaded from the seagoing vessel.

CertiWeight performs weightings in accordance with the SOLAS standard for a valid SHE certificate
to deliver. For the electronic collection, processing and storage of all for the services relevant data of the customer, CertiWeight makes use of the AVANTIDA cloud platform. Also the payment of the service and the dispatch of it.

VGM is provided by AVANTIDA. In this context comes a direct contractual one relationship between AVANTIDA and the customer and cannot become claims formulated by the client towards CertiWeight. This contractual relationship between AVANTIDA and the customer is exclusively governed by the terms of service used by AVANTIDA and privacy policy (See here). On the one hand, CertiWeight provides the calibrated weighing installation and, on the other hand, it manages a computerized system in which the certificate of weighing is delivered fully automatically to the shipping company specified by the customer. It
overview of the weighing points operated by CertiWeight is available on the website of CertiWeight can be consulted.

CertiWeight makes an effort commitment to make the weighting as accurate as possible where a tolerance of 5% is accepted, in accordance with the design of KB van de DG Shipping.

The weights are made available online in the CertiWeight ‘cloud’ solution. After the VGM certificate is sent electronically to the shipping company and customer. The online purchase of the HSE weight implies the customer's irrevocable agreement with these terms and conditions.

2. Liability

The customer bears full liability for the accuracy and completeness of all information supplied to him concerning the registration data: container number, booking number, seal number, shipping company and deep sea terminal.
Immediate weighing when offering one or more containers is not guaranteed by CertiWeight so that the costs that the customer bears are related to the waiting time in one weighing point can never be recovered from CertiWeight.

CertiWeight in particular is not liable to the customer for the following, non-exhaustive cases to be understood:

  • technical defects in the weighing installation. These lead to the suspension of the agreement
    and the customer can either turn to a different weighing point or again at a later time
    to apply;
  • no timely delivery of the certificate to the shipping company, due to defective operation
    of the software and / or internet applications used in the services and data transfer and / or failure of the computers at CertiWeight;
  • the loss of the weighing certificate by the shipping company, or the wrong use or assignment
    of it.

In any case, the liability for errors committed by CertiWeight is a proven one caused damage to the customer limited to a ceiling of EUR 1,000,000 per claim.

Without prejudice to the liability of the carrier, the customer is fully liable for damage caused by colliding with the container and / or by manipulating the container during the weighing, at the (different parts of) the weighing installations and/or as a result of the loss of the contents of the container at the location of the weighing (e.g. due to leaks). The customer will be all damage that was thus caused on first request
to reimburse.

The weighting certificate is only issued for the benefit of the customer and is on behalf of delivered to the shipping company. It does not make any commitments for CertiWeight vis-à-vis the shipping company
nor with regard to the final recipient after maritime transport, or any other third party.

Under no circumstances is CertiWeight liable to the customer for errors committed by AVANTIDA.

3. Customer information

By relying on the services of CertiWeight, the customer expresses permission to CertiWeight to transfer the following data to the NxtPort Data Platform to make:

- Customer identification (name of purchaser certificate)
- Shipping company identification
- Date of purchase of certificate
- Date weighing
- Container number
- Container weight (in kg)
- Export booking reference

The customer can expressly oppose the inclusion of the above at any time data in the NxtPort data platform via a mail message addressed to support@certiweight.com.

3. Applicable law - competent court

All disputes that would arise with regard to the services provided by CertiWeight are governed by the
Belgian law. Only the commercial court in Antwerp (Antwerp department) has jurisdiction
to take note of these disputes.